Corrections and Updates (first edition)
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Corrections and Updates to the first edition

The second edition incorporates the changes identified below to the extent they remain relevant.

  1. Page 35: There is an error (a missing 's') in the website address given. It should read (23 Mar 14)

  2. Page 39: The website address given has now changed and should read (16 Jul 16)

  3. Page 74 section 3.10. There is a scanned repository of OS 1st edition area books at[]=Ordnance%20Survey%20Book%20of%20reference, but unfortunately they are not indexed by parish and county, so you have to look through many before finding the one wanted. It may be useful for those without local resources or time to get to St Pancras. (23 Aug 14)

    The authors are grateful to Hugh Craddock for bringing this to their attention.

  4. Page 74 section 3.10. A slightly better scanned repository of OS 1st edition area books at These are still in blocks of books, but they are at least indexed by county and range of parishes covered, so making it easier to select the right volume. (25 Aug 14)

  5. At the bottom of page 194, add:
    Section 13 of the Growth and Infrastructure Act 2013 amended s.31 Highways Act 1980 by further extending this ten year period to twenty years in England. The change came into force on 1 Oct 2013 (SI 2013/1766). The Act did not alter the situation in Wales.
    (1 Jan 14)

  6. 24 May 13: On page 202, section 5.4.1(a) Prepare the Application Map add,
    In R (on the application of Trail Riders’ Fellowship and Tilbury) v Dorset CC and Secretary of State for EFRA and Plumbe [2013] EWCA Civ 553, it was held that a map which is produced to a scale of 1:25,000, even if it is digitally derived from an original map with a scale of 1:50,000, satisfies the requirements of paragraph 1(a) of Schedule 14 provided that it is indeed "a map" and that it shows the way or ways to which the application relates. This reversed an earlier judgment ([2012] EWHC 2634 (Admin)) where the High Court had found that a map of scale 1:50,000 could not be enlarged to 1:25,000 in order to meet the requirements of Sch 14 WCA81. (24 May 13)
    Update: The Court of Appeal view was endorsed by the Supreme Court. (19 Mar 15)

  7. Page 207: The hyperlink to enable on line searches for owners at HM Land Registry is

  8. Making finding landowners easier. On page 207, add to second paragraph of section 5.4.5:
    A simpler method of identifying land parcels crossed by an application route can be found via the Land Registry INSPIRE service at This enables the edges of land ownership to be identified and gives a parcel number for each freehold registered parcel. The parcel number can be entered into the Land Registry search service to go straight to the register and title plan purchasing page. Significantly, it shows up quickly those routes (such as ancient droves) for which there are no registered owners of the track at all.
    The authors are grateful to Hugh Craddock for bringing this to their attention. (Web link updated 27 Feb 16.)

  9. Page 211: There is now a separate link to the Schedule 14 direction guidance in Wales. Accordingly, in Wales only, the footnote hyperlink should now be to This addition is made in preparation for the new regulations in England due later in 2016 which remove the ability to complain to the Secretary of State that a council hasn't processed an application within 12 months of the Certificate of notifying the owners and occupiers. The opportunity remains for paths in Wales. (Updated 25 Jul 16.)

  10. Page 258: Photography is now permitted at The British Library, subject to conditions.

  11. Page 260: The telephone number for the Church of England archives should read 020 7898 1030. A fee is charged per day for photography, which is now permitted.

  12. Page 262 onwards: Updates to archive office web pages:

  13. The definition of bridleway on page 293 should read,
    Bridleway. A highway over which the public have a right of way on foot and horseback or leading a horse, with or without a right to drive animals of any description along the highway (s.329 Highways Act 1980). The showing of a public bridleway on the definitive map, however, only means that the public had a right of way on foot, on horseback or leading a horse without prejudice as to whether any other rights existed (s.56 Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981). In addition there is a right of way for pedal bicycles (s.30 Countryside Act 1968).

  14. On page 299 'Statute for Mending of Highways' should read 'Statute for the Amending of Highways', although both names are in use.

  15. The National Archives has a new catalogue called 'Discovery'. If you want to use it to find a 1910 valuation map say for Hertfordshire XVI-12, just type "IR valuation Hertfordshire XVI 12" into the search box, and it finds the reference straight away.

  16. Page 276 section 8.2.7. The Bedfordshire and Luton Archives now require visitors to make an appointment. Details are given at (31 Mar 14)

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