Corrections and Updates (second edition)
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The second edition incorporates the corrections and updates to the first edition to the extent they remain relevant.

Corrections and Updates to the second edition

  1. The Ramblers have compiled a list of online resources, which will assist researchers: The Ramblers' 2026 project director has written a blog about the resources at (6 Oct 18)

  2. Page 269, section 5.4.4. The authors' view that the application is made when the requirements of para 1 to Sch 14 to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 are completed, and that this leads to the need to update the Register of Applications within 28 days is confirmed by guidance issued by DEFRA. This states at footnote 2,
    "While, by virtue of paragraph 3(1) of Schedule 14 WCA 1981, the obligation to investigate the matters stated in the application does not arise until a surveying authority has received a certificate under paragraph 2(3) of Schedule 14 WCA 1981, by virtue of regulation 3(6) the obligation to include an entry in the register relates to the date the application is received by an authority. Thus, the obligation to include an entry in the register is independent of the receipt of certification that paragraph 2 of Schedule 14 WCA 1981 has been complied with."
    The authors are grateful to Hugh Craddock of the Open Spaces Society for drawing this to their attention. (12 Nov 18)

  3. Finding landowners more easily. On page 270, first paragraph and footnote 13, the hyperlink for the INSPIRE website has changed to Note that it doesn't work on older browsers, and the service is sometimes down for maintenance at weekends. Don't tick the box to show the land boundary information until zoomed in to level 8 on the slider bar! (17 Jan 19)

  4. Page 295. The letter in section 7.7.5 (and any attachments) can be emailed to (4 May 21)

  5. Page 334. The British Library telephone number is 0330 333 1144. (26 Nov 18)

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