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Byway and Bridleway (24 Oct 12)

Our first book review has appeared! Byway and Bridleway said, "This book has been a long time coming, but we can say straight away that it was worth the wait." and "The discourse on each category and type of documentary evidence is better than anything else we have seen at the level of sophistication at which this book is aimed." It continued, "For any person with the nous to carry out research of any sort, this book is a conversion manual to show them how to research ancient highways."

The authors are delighted with the review: this was designed to be a 'Haynes' type manual for doing the research, and it seems to have hit the mark! The review in full can be read in issue 8/2012. Byway and Bridleway is available free on request to

Waymark (30 Oct 12)

Our second book review has appeared in the magazine of the Institute of Public Rights of Way and Access Management. Waymark magazine said, "The content would be useful to anyone seeking to research the status of a route, not least local authority officers."
"A lot of thought has been given to the information needed by someone new to carrying out this type of research."
"This is a very readable approach to complex subject material, with the information being visually well presented."

Walk (Nov 12)

The magazine of the Ramblers said, "This essential book written in clear language and beautifully presented fills a huge gap for those engaged in such [rights of way recording] work." Read the full review on their website.

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