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Our current major project is the creation of a safe off-road riding route in Well End, parallel to Well End Road, and joining the riding route going to Shenley village.
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During the work to assist the County Council's travel plan for Shenley, local riders said that they would like to be able to ride along a verge of London Road and Silver Hill to make the route from Well End to Crossoaks to Shenley safer. This part has been achieved. Subsequent research showed that riders would like this route extended along Well End Road as well, if land could be found.

We now have agreement in principle to create the southern extension to the route, parallel to Well End Road, from opposite Wheatsheaf Farm to the junction of High Canons and Silver Hill.

The cost of processing the legal order needed has been found, but we need to find the money to clear the route wider than would be needed for just a footpath. We could help make this route a bridleway if we can contribute 1,250.

The Trust believes that by being proactive on this section, we encourage other landowners to be helpful when we seek bridleway creations.

1 Sep 2015: The appeal for funds is now open!
29 Mar 2016: BHS HQ indicate likely to contribute 300 towards our 1,250 target.
31 Dec 2016: We have now reached 1,100 from our 1,250 target.

If you would like this route to be created, please make a donation to the Trust.

Shenley 3 plannedBridleway
The planned bridleway is shown as "13A" in this plan

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