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About the authors

Sarah Bucks BSc AIPROW has been an access volunteer for the British Horse Society and in 2012 became chairman of the South Somerset Bridleways Association, having been a committee member since 1994. She has submitted over 500 applications for paths to be correctly recorded. She is former chair of the Access and Rights of Way Consultative Committee of the British Horse Society, a former trustee of the Society, and former Assistant Regional Access and Bridleways Officer for the South West.

Phil Wadey PhD BSc LLB MIPROW has been an access and bridleways officer for the British Horse Society since 1992, including 14 years as Regional officer for the East of England. He has made over 300 applications for paths to be recorded. He is a Past Chairman of the British Horse Society, and has been Chairman of the Open Spaces Society since 2020.

Sarah and Phil were delighted to be awarded the Horse and Hound Volunteer of the Year Award 2022 for their work in recording paths and training others.

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